Ultimate Pet Care

I always thought that my heart was my own, until I found my first dog... or should I say, until he found me. 

Salísali snaggletooth was a wild pup from the mountains of Bolivia. We adored each other. In Bolivia, Salí roamed the countryside. It didn’t matter that he was a troublemaker, which he was. But when we moved back to the States, suddenly rabble-rousing was frowned upon.

Upon that return to the States, I was unemployed, so I was able to take Salí to the dog park every morning and afternoon. To curb his mischief, I was training him, socializing him, and taking him to task. Unbeknownst to me, people were taking notice. Soon, I was being asked for advice, rates, and business cards. I had become an expert behind the scenes, doing what I truly love.

As it goes with most furry four-leggers, Salí helped make me a better human. Without him and his trouble, I would never have started working with pets. He helped shape my future, and I understand how pets are inextricably linked with our hearts and souls. I have a very strong connection with animals, and particularly since Salí has left me, working with people’s pets has been very uplifting in my life.

I also try and maintain a manageable price point, because I know how hard it can be to find good care for your pet. My aim is to be economically fair. I want more people to adopt animals, and don’t think they should have to break your bank. Talk to me about discounts for longer stays!

You can find what people have to say about my services on my Testimonials Page.


My daytime services include:

  • Walks, runs, hikes, playtime, pet-taxi service and concierge service (for the humans)
  • Visits/walks/hikes/playtime at: $20 per 1/2 hour, $30 per hour for 1-2 pets
  • Add $5 for each additional pet after 2
  • Taxi service is TBD based on mileage and time involved.
  • Concierge service is $5 + items + mileage, but can be combined with taxi service.

My overnight services include:

  • Spending the night with your pet, in their own home: $40/night.  (I can not do boarding in my home.)
  • Add $5 for each additional pet
  • Arrival at your house between 4pm and 7pm, with corresponding departure time between 8am and 11am. The actual arrival and departure time will be decided upon by you and I. For instance, if your pet is used to having someone home early, and leave early, I would arrive at 4pm and leave at 8am. If they were used to having someone come home late, and leave late, I might arrive at 7pm and leave at 11am.
  • You can add on a mid-day visit/walk for an extra $10.
  • Overnights include two walks, and two feedings. One walk/feed in the evening, and one walk/feed in the morning. (As stated above, mid-day walks can be added on for $10/walk if you are already paying for an overnight.)
  • For cats, birds, reptiles, fish or other animals that don’t need to be walked, there is a dedicated “playtime” or “companion” window instead.
  • I am also happy to water plants, collect mail, and liberate you from perishable food going bad in the fridge

I am located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Please send me an email at ultimatepetcaredmv@gmail.com and I will happily provide you with whatever you need to make sure that your pet feels safe, sound, and happy with me.

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