Here are some of the things that those who have worked with me have to say. Additionally, many of these folks are happy to be live references as well, if you would like to explore more with a particular person. Please ask me for an email address or phone number, and I can connect you with that reference.

Never having had someone we didn’t know stay in our house to watch the dog, we were a little nervous. But Jess was recommended by someone else so we took the chance. And, as it turns out, she was wonderful. When we returned, both the dog and the house seemed to be in better shape than when we left them. Needless to say, we hired Jess several more times when we went on vacation. She was great. We highly recommend her.Allen K., San Francisco, CA

Jessica was our first pet sitter. We have two cats that we rescued and they are EXTREMELY shy. They won’t even think about coming out of their hiding spaces when someone new is in the house. They both are hand-fed chicken for one meal a day, and this is the only way they will eat when we are not at home, which is why we don’t ever leave them. We had heard some wonderful things about Jessica, and so we decided to give it a shot. She was really great. You could tell that she really cared for the well-being of our animals, and she was in touch with us every day, sending pictures and making sure we felt comfortable. We would recommend her in a heartbeat.Maya L., Oakland, CA

We have considered Jess one of our own for a while now. She has looked after our dog, our cat and our kids at various times. She didn’t even shy away when she found out we got a monitor lizard – that’s how we knew she was a keeper. We feel very lucky to have had her as part of our family, and we miss her dearly!Johanna J., Portland, OR

Jessica worked with us for three years taking care of my three boys, plus our pets. While she was working for us, we found out our four year old was going to be diagnosed with autism. He and Jessica had a special bond that he does not come by easily, and we asked her to help us tutor him to get him ready for school, which was a great decision. Jessica has been a blessing in our lives in innumerable ways – she takes care of our most prized possessions. We miss her and wish she would stay put so we could see her more often! She still maintains a relationship with my kids, which means the world to us and them.Zoe Z., El Cerrito, CA

Jessica is a dog whisperer, bringing her knowledge, experience and heart to the care of our loved ones. She has taken care of our house, our tortie cat and our two rescue shepherds. She is resourceful and takes action, so while there are always unknowns when we are away, I know she will handle them with strength and grace. We found her from a neighbor who recommended her to us, and now we recommend her as well!Barbara W., Silver Spring, MD

I worked with Jess Brown for a couple of years and she was a dream! She was so caring for my dog, Nala, and always accommodating, going the extra mile to help you out. She’s a great person and my dog loved spending time with her. Thanks, Jess! — Jessica N., Oakland, CA

We met Jessica through the website Caretaker.org. She came all the way across the country to live in our second house, and watch our German Shepherd, Vashti. We don’t like to leave her alone for longer than a couple hours at a time, so when we go out to play golf, or go to dinner with friends, Jessica would come over and spend time with her. Vashti has some trouble with strangers, and Jessica was very good with her. Jessica learned how to approach Vashti, how to walk her, how to feed her, and how to train her. Jessica spent six months with us here, and we were sad to see her go. She was great for us and our dog.Terry S., Rockville, MD

I have a big Rottweiler who is not used to cars, traffic, other people or other animals. I really wanted to hike the Camino de Santiago, but with this crazy acting dog, I had a couple pet sitters flake out on me before I found Jess. Deciding to leave your pet with someone for 6 weeks while you are out of the country is a big deal, especially this pet. Gracie was a different dog when I got home. She had learned some new commands, and she was easier to take on a walk. She had really taken to Jess, which I loved to see. Also Jess was in touch with me by text, sending photos and making sure I knew everything was ok. She really saved us. I would recommend her, but I don’t want her to be booked up!Anne S., Pasadena Beach, MD


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