About Me

At 34 years young, I am on the edge of the millennial generation. I was a pioneer of the gig economy, before the gig economy knew it existed itself. Over the last 15 years, I have been:

TEACHING in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Park City -♦- COUNSELING young people in therapeutic wilderness programs and boarding schools -♦- LEADING American high school and college-aged students on semester-long soul-searching adventures in Central America, South America and the Pacific -♦- GUIDING tourists from Spain around the National Parks of the American West -♦- Finishing 2 years of service with AMERICORPS -♦- WALKING, hiking, running, feeding, and snuggling all sorts of pets from Oregon to Mexico -♦- HELPING expectant mothers with their births -♦- Teaching young people about teamwork on sailboats. -♦- CARING for new infants during their transition to home -♦- WRITING GRANTS for struggling independent local theaters, various SPCAs, and marine wildlife NGOs -♦- SERVING as a grief counselor -♦- RUNNING A BUSINESS to help people organize their homes. -♦-  STUDYING mindfulness in Northern California.

I am currently based in Rockville, MD.

jessandviviheadcrop.bfAs “the box” has never worked well for me, I have assembled the puzzle of my adult career with pieces from different freelance arenas. My excitement and curiosity for life allows me to take this route joyfully. My dedication to, and care for, other people makes me good at what I do. This lifestyle affords me the best of all worlds, and that is what I can also offer you.

I have been scholastically trained in psychology, biology, birth work, and Spanish. I have also been trained in Applied Behavior Analysis, Non-violent Communication, and Collaborative Problem Solving. I have a keen interest in the medical world, and have held my wilderness first responder since 2005. I won an award for thesis work I did with orangutans.

My academic background has created a strong, fertile soil for the seeds planted from my worldly experience to take root.  I am a well-balanced individual who applies that same balance to my work, and to my relationships with my clientele. I am a dedicated woman, who cares deeply for living things. Great customer service is what drives me. Please visit one of the links in the menu, or send general questions to info@jessicabrown.biz. I look forward to working with you.